2017 Annual Report


Foursquare Missions International

Beginning in 2015 and continuing through 2017, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) received an allocation from the Foursquare...

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Global Cities Strategy

Since 2014, the Foundation has been partnering with the Global Cities Strategy, as first presented in 2013 by our general supervisor...

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Global Council

The Foursquare Global Council, an eldering community of regional leaders, is committed to nurturing and sustaining a healthy Foursquare...

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Foursquare Senior Living Subsidies

The Foursquare Foundation has invested part of its portfolio into the development and ownership of income-generating real estate...

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Foursquare Education

Foursquare Education was created in an effort to advance education and continued learning opportunities for Foursquare pastors...

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Foursquare Missions Press

The Foursquare Global Council in partnership with the Foursquare Foundation presented a gift to Foursquare Missions Press for the...

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LPC Gift and The Paul & Marilee Risser Endowment for Leadership Development

Established in 2009, The Paul and Marilee Risser Endowment for Leadership Development Fund exists to further the training...

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LPC–Ignite focuses on Biblical teaching, relational discipleship, and ministry training for the real world through community service...

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Foundation Solar Loan Program

The Foursquare Foundation Solar Lending Program was initiated out of a desire to create investment projects from the Foundation’s corpus that use valued partnerships to provide significant financial benefit to local churches.

This program allows the Foundation to lend funds to local churches for the express purpose of installing solar systems to offset expensive electric bills. The benefits of this program to the local church will be the implementation of inexpensive financing for solar systems that generate free power in an effort to help permanently reduce expenses and redirect funds for greater missional purposes in the Kingdom.

Environmental Impact Tracker

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Trees Saved
Home Hours Produced
Pounds of Coal Offset


By the Numbers

Investment Summary



Allocations Summary



Board & Staff

Our board of directors is currently composed of eight voting members, including the president of The Foursquare Church, USA. Additionally, there are four nonvoting directors, and three nonvoting officers, including the Interim CEO of the Foursquare Foundation.

Foursquare Foundation’s board of directors bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of governing the Foundation. Over the years, our directors have hailed from different regions of the world and have represented extensive experience in international ministry efforts.

This year, our board of directors held conference calls to review the efficacy and fruitfulness of the Foundation allocations, the status of our corpus with a spend policy review, and Foursquare Foundation operations. Our annual board retreat was held in September in Glendale, California. This retreat received full reports on all Foundation allocations and expenditures and processed requests from the ICFG board regarding the Foundation’s future trajectory. The Spirit of the Lord has been attending our way as we pray and seek Him for the greatest service the Foundation can provide toward accelerating worldwide and interdenominational evangelism.

Board Members

Bill Chaney

Pastor Bill Chaney was born in Texarkana, Texas where he accepted God’s call to ministry at age seventeen. After moving to California, he studied Theology and Pastoral Leadership at Life Bible College, (now Life Pacific College), San Dimas, California. He received his BA and Master of Practical Theology degree (MPT) from The Kings College and Seminary, (now The King’s University), in Van Nuys, CA.

Bill has served in many ministry positions including Youth Pastor, Music Minister, Administrative Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Senior Pastor of four churches in California: Banning, San Diego, Eureka, and Fresno. Bill is currently the District Supervisor of the Central Pacific District of The Foursquare Church.

He has served on the Board of Directors of: The Foursquare Foundation, Foursquare Financial Solutions, and The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. He served the latter for seven years, the last five years as Chairman.

Bill has written over 50 songs and plays several instruments but his greatest gifts are leadership and teaching and his greatest passion is to reach the lost for Christ. His secondary passion is to train and develop disciples and leaders in Christian service.

Bill has served as an international trainer with John Maxwell’s Equip Ministries, and with Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Ministries.

He is the president of World Mission Outreach, which serves a global vision of leadership development and continuing Christian education for pastors. Bill has traveled to more than 50 countries ministering in such places as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Botswana, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Japan, and India.

Bill and his wife Beth have served together in ministry since they were married, 36 years ago. They have a son, Derek, and daughter-in-law Beth along with grandson Wyatt and granddaughter Annie June, and daughter Valerie and son-in-law Pete.

Burt Smith

Burt Smith is chairman of the Foursquare Foundation board. Burt and his wife, Jan, have been in the ministry for more than 30 years. They served as senior pastors of Church of Living Water in Olympia, Washington, since June of 1991.

The Smiths also pioneered and pastored Little Country Church in Redding, CA, which grew from seven families to 5,900 members over a period of 13 years. The church also built a Christian day school and high school.

Burt served as a divisional superintendent, later as the supervisor of the Evergreen District of Foursquare Churches. Currently he is a member of the Foursquare cabinet and board of directors.

Burt is a true father in the faith. He is esteemed for his availability to pastors and emerging leaders by encouraging and challenging them to achieve the high destiny that God has for each one. Burt’s practical understanding of the Word, together with his sincerity and authenticity, make him a favored speaker at retreats and conferences. Burt and Jan have been married for more than 40 years. They have three married daughters and six grandchildren.

Doug Andersen

Doug Andersen pastors The Church On The Way Santa Clarita in Southern California. He received his ministerial training at LIFE Bible College before serving in several various roles at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys. He fulfilled the position of executive pastor in Van Nuys before assuming the role of senior pastor at The Church On The Way Santa Clarita in 2008.

Doug has been a contributing writer for the Spirit-Filled Life Bible and Pastors of Promise. He is passionate about seeing all believers open to an understanding of what God wants to do in and through their lives.

His partner in ministry is his wife, Christa, also an ordained minister. Doug and Christa married in 1987 and have served the Lord together in every capacity. They have three children Brandt, Emma, and Carl.

Glenn C. Burris Jr.

Glenn Burris Jr. graduated from Mount Vernon Bible College in 1976. He served as youth pastor in Concord, North Carolina, for a year and, in 1977, became a senior pastor in Macon, Georgia. He later pastored the Foursquare church in Cornelius, NC, and has served as a divisional superintendent, a member of the cabinet, and a member of the board of directors where he currently serves on the Building Committee, Bylaw Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee, and the Pastoral Formation, Education, and Nurture Committee.

In 1992, Glenn was appointed district supervisor of the Southeast District. In 2002, he was appointed general supervisor of the U.S. national church.

In 2009, Glenn began leading The Foursquare Church as interim president for a 13-month term. He was then appointed president by the convention voting body, and began serving a five year term on October 1,2010.

His passions are planting churches and caring for pastors.

Ken Swett

Ken Swett is vice chairman of the Foursquare Foundation board, as well as senior pastor of the Foursquare Church in Modesto, CA.

Pastor Ken has been married for 40 years to Wanda. They have three married daughters and four grandchildren. Ken’s family has been active in Foursquare for four generations; his parents were pastors, his maternal grandmother was a charter member of the Crescent City, California, Foursquare Church, and his daughter, Rachel, serves with her husband at the Gilroy, CA Foursquare Church.

He graduated from Foursquare’s Life Pacific College (also known as LIFE Bible College) in 1979. In his 38 years of ministry in The Foursquare Church, Pastor Ken has had experience serving as a youth pastor at congregations in San Jose and Santa Fe Springs, CA. He has served as senior pastor at congregations in Sacramento (5 years) and Modesto, CA (now 27 years). Ken is highly esteemed for his shepherd’s heart, diligence, and humble spirit.

From 1992–2003 he served as divisional superintendent for the historic Western District. He also has been a member of the district’s License and Ethics Committee, a board member (14 years) and later chairman of the Old Oak Ranch Camp Board (7 years), a district missions representative, an elected member of the board of directors representing the Western Region (6 years), and was appointed to serve as chairman of the Foursquare board of directors 2009-2012. Ken served on several committees while a director including the Audit and Finance committees, and he continues to serve on the Investment and Governance committees.

More locally, he feels honored to help as part of the district council of the Central Pacific District. Serving with a global heart and perspective, Ken has had the privilege of visiting Foursquare works in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Leslie Keegel

Leslie Keegel is the National Leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka. He graduated from the Foursquare Bible College in the Philippines in 1981. It was there that he met his wife, Belen, and they were married in June 1981. Leslie and Belen have three daughters: Blessie, Julie, and Rosie.

In 1983, Leslie became the national leader of Foursquare Sri Lanka and began a unique discipleship program. Since that time the number of Foursquare churches has grown from two in 1983 to more than 1,600 meeting places and churches.

Under Pastor Leslie’s leadership, the Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Sri Lanka is now a missionary-sending organization having missionaries in India, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, and Germany.

Leslie is the founder and president of LIFE Bible Institute in Colombo, which has over 1,000 students in training through its satellites. Leslie and Belen recently founded the Agapao Foundation in the state of California to do humanitarian work in Sri Lanka, South Asia, and other emerging nations. Presently, Leslie and Belen continue to senior pastor Living Way Church, Colombo, which is the headquarters of the Foursquare Church in Sri Lanka.

He received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from ICFG in 2001 and graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA in June 2011.

Marion Ingegneri

Marion Ingegneri is an ordained Foursquare minister and is the founding pastor of Grace North Church in Phoenix, AZ. Marion is currently planting extension campuses of this ministry.

She also is the author, director and presenter of a DVD series titled “Unlocking the Gifts in You.”

Marion began working with Foursquare Women International in 1990 and served 20 years in a variety of roles including a short time as director. She also was an advisory member, leadership development coordinator, and national field leader for women in ministry leadership. Following the call to serve women in ministry further, she traveled with the Dare to Dream team, presenting a message to women of empowerment and release.

Marion is a broker and the owner of a realestate firm. She says her understanding of business negotiations and contracts has played a huge part in her role as senior pastor during the acquisition of properties for Grace North Church.

Her leadership in the church has branched out internationally, with ministry travels to Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Canada.

Marion and her husband, Joe, who is also in ministry, have been married since 1972. She calls him “one of my greatest encouragers in ministry.” The Ingegneris have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

Nate Poetzl

Nate Poetzl serves as the senior pastor of Faith Chapel (Billings Foursquare Church) in Billings, MT. Nate has been the director of Foursquare Financial Solutions since 2011 and its Loan Fund Board since 2016. He also has served The Foursquare Church as divisional superintendent of Foursquare Peaks to Prairie since 2014 and on the President’s Council since 2013. Outside of The Foursquare Church, Nate is on the board of directors for both the Refuge Foundation, which supports leaders of nonprofit organizations; and LaVie, a crisis pregnancy center in Billings.

An ordained minister since 2004, Nate also has pastored at New Life Center (Everett Foursquare Church) in Everett, WA., and Faith Center (Eugene Foursquare Church) in Eugene, OR. He holds a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Multnomah Seminary in Portland, OR., and a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from Eugene Bible College in Eugene, OR.

Nate and his wife, Jennie, have four children: Colette, Luke, Garison and Sam.

Non-Voting Board Appointed Participants

Jim Scott

Associate Director and North America Area Missionary of Foursquare Missions International (FMI)

FMI Associate Director James C. Scott Jr., and his wife, Melinda, are well known throughout The Foursquare Church for their involvement with and love for missions. The Scotts have effectively led congregations in the U.S. as senior pastors and associate pastors in the Southwest District. They have influenced thousands of leaders as supervisors in the Northeast, New England, and Southern California districts.

In addition, Jim has served as vice president of global operations of The Foursquare Church; director of Foursquare Missions International; chief operations officer (COO) of The Foursquare Church; assistant general supervisor of the Foursquare National Church and as vice president of regional operations; as advisor to Foursquare Church Multiplication; and as regional supervisor of the Southern California/Southwest region. He was a member of the Foursquare board of directors and has served on numerous Foursquare committees.

Jim is a 1975 graduate of California State University at Fresno (B.S. in criminology, minor sociology), a 1981 graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif. (M.A. in theology), and a 2008 graduate of Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, Wash. (D.Min. in church multiplication and leadership development).

Jim’s doctoral dissertation is titled Aimee Semple McPherson and Spanish-Speaking Ministry in Los Angeles: Lessons for the 21st-Century Foursquare Church. The Foursquare Church, through Foursquare Media, has published an adaptation of the dissertation as a book in English, and also a Spanish version titled Aimee—La Gente Hispana Estaba en Su Corazón.

Tammy Dunahoo

Tammy Dunahoo, general supervisor, has served The Foursquare Church as district supervisor of Arkansas, vice president of Women in Ministry Leadership and director of Foursquare Women International. During her pastoral ministry, she also served as a member of the Church Health team, National Church Council and Foursquare cabinet. In her current role, she serves on the Foursquare board of directors, cabinet, numerous committees and the board of trustees of Life Pacific College (also known as Life Bible College).

Tammy’s passion is sponsoring the next generation and multiplying healthy leaders and churches throughout the U.S. until there is a candle in every community.

Tammy has been married to her best friend and ministry partner, Gary, for more than 35 years. The Dunahoos have enjoyed ministry assignments as lead pastors, church-planters, life and marriage coaches and conference speakers. They have two adult children and one grandson and enjoy life with their family, playing golf and watching sunsets at the beach.

Ted Vail

FMI Director and Vice President of Global Operations

Ted was raised in Seattle, Washington and came to know Christ as a teenager. He and his wife Dawn (a fellow missionary) have three children: Grace, Mercy, and Daniel. They are based in Longmont, Colorado. As a family, they love to laugh, and reach out to people, and serve at Hope Boulder Foursquare Church.

Prior to his appointment as director of Foursquare Missions International in September 2016, Ted served as area missionary of the North America Region, Director of Global Foursquare Disaster Relief, Coordinator of U.S. Missions, and Coordinator of Urban & Multicultural Ministries in the USA.

With a master of arts in global leadership and a doctorate from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Ted regularly shares on global missions.

He has been with Foursquare Missions as an area missionary since 2001 and has been involved in world missions since 1988 when he spent a season in Japan, followed by a number of years in Central Mexico. He has also served as a senior pastor and regional leader of Hispanic churches in Colorado.


Adam Davidson

Adam Davidson serves as The Foursquare Church’s vice president of operations, chief operating officer (COO) and corporate secretary. The COO plays a key leadership role in aligning and orchestrating the efforts of the organization to achieve its vision and mission through effective, efficient and ethical management of the central office operations.

A member of The Foursquare Church since 1975, Adam has served in many leadership roles, including church planter, district administrator, camp director, national church administrator, executive pastor and, most recently, director of operations. Adam has served as a Foursquare minister since 1994, when he completed his bachelor’s degree in business from Ball State University. His background in sales, marketing, business development, finance, human resources and operations management gives him a unique business-minded perspective within The Foursquare Church. He also holds a master’s degree from Life Pacific College.

Adam and his wife, Rose Mary, are the parents of four children, who range in age from 5 to 18. The Davidsons are involved in local church ministry at The Church On The Way Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita Foursquare Church), located just north of Los Angeles, where Rose Mary serves as an assistant pastor.

Joseph Wainer

Joseph Wainer is from Jacksonville, FL, and moved to Los Angeles to attend The King’s University. Prior to serving at the Foursquare Foundation, he worked in the hospitality/hotel industry for over 6 years, as well as 3 years in education administration at The King’s University. His first missions experience was in Calcutta, India, where he led a team, serving Mother Teresa homes in the city. He has also led the college ministry at The Church On The Way (Van Nuys, CA) under Pastor Scott Bauer, and is currently an ordained Foursquare minister. At present, he is an MBA candidate at George Fox University.

Joseph has faithfully served the Foursquare Foundation as grant coordinator, grant manager, and currently as President / iCEO (since 2013) and firmly believes that financial resources and mission are hand in glove tools to see the Kingdom come. He and his wife, Elizabeth, currently live in Portland, Oregon, with their two children.

Ron Thigpenn

Chief Financial Officer Ron Thigpenn has significant experience in the area of finance. He was a CPA for seven years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, spent 10 years as CFO/COO for two financial institutions in the Los Angeles area, and served nearly five years in the corporate finance department of WellPoint Health Networks. Ron served as the Foursquare Loan Fund manager for seven years prior to his appointment as CFO in January 2010. Ron graduated from California State University, Northridge, in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration (accounting) and a Master of Divinity degree from The King’s College and Seminary in 2004.

Ron is an ordained Foursquare pastor, having served for four years as a senior pastor and for five years as an associate pastor in two local Foursquare churches prior to his current appointment. He is now an associate pastor serving with his wife, Judy, who is the lead pastor at a local Foursquare church. Ron currently serves on the Foursquare board of directors as a member of the Executive Committee, Finance Committee (chairman) and Investment Committee.


Dan Cho

Dan Cho is originally from Chicago, IL, and moved to Southern California during his teenage years. After encountering and giving his life to Christ in college, Dan went on to pursue an education in philosophy and biblical languages.

Over the past 20 years, he has served as youth and college pastor, worship-arts director, and executive pastor in a number of local Foursquare Churches in Southern California. As well, Dan has worked with several nonprofit organizations to advance the gospel and fight poverty and social/political injustices in the U.S. and Asia.

From 2005 to 2010, Dan served at the Foursquare Central Office as the supervisor in Information Technologies Department. Following that appointment in 2010, Dan transitioned into the role as the Asia/South Pacific grant coordinator for the Foursquare Foundation. He now serves as the international program manager for the Foursquare Foundation and is excited to be a part of the continuing advancement of the Christ’s message of hope and love throughout the world.

Dan and his wife, Shannon, currently live in the South Bay area of Southern California with their two children, Connor and Charis.

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee serves as the executive assistant to the Foursquare Foundation director, Joseph Wainer.

In 2007, she graduated from Life Pacific College with a bachelor’s degree in leadership and ministry. Sharon has been serving in pastoral ministry for over 10 years with the Foursquare Church.

Most recently, Sharon and her husband Tim, planted Life Church in Lancaster, CA, where they live with their two daughters, Hannah and Selah.

Tim Gale

Tim Gale moved to Southern California to attend LIFE Bible College in 1996. After graduating, he served in several local church ministry assignments before branching out into different workplace roles. Through his management positions in various fields such as commercial real estate due diligence, professional audio/video consulting, retail and sales, Tim has grown into his deeper calling to help people discover the gifts God has placed within and connect them to His purpose for their life.

Additionally, as a certified leadership coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, Tim has increased his ability to assist with life formation and goal facilitation for individuals in professional and ministry roles.

Tim serves as the U.S. Project Manager for the Foursquare Foundation and has a passion to help facilitate the connection of people and resources with the work God has already established within each local community.

Since 2008, Tim and his wife, Katie, have been part of the founding team of The Gathering, a vibrant sending community of faith and Foursquare Simple Church Network in Santa Clarita, CA. Tim and Katie, along with their two children, Madeline and Noah, reside in Newhall, CA.

Legal Counsel

Josh Best

Josh received his Juris Doctor from Pepperdine University School of Law. He began his legal career at Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton LLP in Oxnard, CA, where he became a partner at age 30. His primary practice areas included corporate/business law and real estate law, but also included providing litigation management strategy to his business clients and working with his partners in the areas of intellectual property, estate planning and employment law.

In July 2012, Josh left his full-time career as an attorney to serve as the director of operations for LightHouse Church (Newbury Park Foursquare Church) in Newbury Park, CA, where he and his family have attended since 2005. He has a passion for using administration and organizational clarity to coordinate church staff and members to carry out the vision given to the LightHouse pastoral staff. While working at LightHouse, Josh maintained his legal practice.

Josh and his wife, Jana, have two daughters, the pride and joy of their lives: Kaylee and Makenna.