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2017 Annual Report

Foursquare Senior Living Subsidies

The Foursquare Foundation has invested part of its portfolio into the development and ownership of income-generating real estate projects. Each project is designed to produce income as an investment in order to grow the Foundation portfolio and to provide rent subsidies to retired Foursquare ministers in need. In the Foursquare family, we value and honor the obedience that so many pastors, missionaries, and leaders have demonstrated since the time of our founder and continuing to today. In 2012, the Foundation opened its first Foursquare Senior Living apartment building in Echo Park, Calif. This venture provides competitive housing for seniors and income for the Foundation corpus, all the while subsidizing rent for retired Foursquare ministers who have served so faithfully. The Foursquare Foundation is honored to serve The Foursquare Church and retired ministers in this way and looks forward to increasing the number of subsidies available annually.